We grant a discount for public applications that include a prominent "Powered by GraphHopper API". This means you include a link to graphhopper.com in a place where you utilize the GraphHopper Directions API. The user has to see this only one time e.g. once per application start or at the first website access. The user must have the possibility and enough time to read and click on the link at least 4 seconds. I.e. a short living splash screen isn't what we want, instead we ask you to place it e.g. below a search input. As a simple example have a look at GraphHopper Maps.

An HTML snippet for this is:

Powered by <a href="https://www.graphhopper.com/">GraphHopper API</a>

For small screens (less than 190mm diagonal) it can be only the link without 'powered by'. 

Additionally to our attribution you always need to include attribution to OpenStreetMap, regardless of the white-label option.

License Notice


The GraphHopper Directions API uses OpenStreetMap data, see the copyright with more details or TomTom data

When using the OpenStreetMap road network we use Hole-filled elevation data from the SRTM project and elevation data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Open Source

The GraphHopper Directions API uses open source projects under the hood from GraphHopper GmbH, komoot GmbH, OpenStreetMap, University Heidelberg and many more, often under the Apache License 2.0. For example jsprit or the routing engine, that themselves uses other open source components.

Our entire infrastructure is built on top of open source using Debian linux, Ansible, nginx, bash, python, git, Java and many more open source projects. Without them our services would not be possible. Thanks a lot!