We offer a discount for public applications that prominently shows its users that this application is "Powered by GraphHopper API". The discount is valid for 12 months and can be extended by resubmitting the required documents. To receive this discount, please include a link to graphhopper.com in the places where you use the GraphHopper Directions API. If you use other geoservices, you must explicitly specify which services come from GraphHopper and which from other providers. The attribution must be visible at least when the GraphHopper Directions API is used e.g. on a map like at GraphHopper Maps.

An HTML snippet for this is:

Powered by <a href="https://www.graphhopper.com/">GraphHopper API</a>

For small screens (less than 190mm diagonal) you can use the above link without 'Powered by'. 

In addition to our attribution, you must always specify an attribution to OpenStreetMap, regardless of the white label option.