You can use the estimator in the dashboard (below the pricing table) to roughly estimate the necessary credits per day. Please note that it can give precise results only in standard cases. 

If you need a better estimate contact us or read through the following steps:

  • one Routing API request costs 1 credit. Every 10 via-points cost 1 more credit. E.g. 11 via-points cost 2 credits, 21 via-points costs 3 credits and so on. And if you specify optimize=true the credits will be multiplied by 10 i.e. one requests costs 10 credits for 1 to 10 locations, 20 credits for 11 to 20 locations and so on.   Changing the parameter algorithm costs additionally 2 credits, i.e. calculating the alternative route between two points costs 1+2=3 credits.
  • one Geocoding API request for the providers default and gisgraphy costs 0.3 credits. For the providers nominatim, nettoolkit or opencagedata it costs 0.9 credits per request. This might change in the future if the external providers change their pricing.
  • the costs for one Route Optimization API request depends on the number of vehicles and unique locations and is calculated as vehicles * locations and is at least 10 credits. Please note that GET requests to fetch the solution have a cost of 0.3 credits per request to reduce heavy polling and so that the synchronous POST requests are preferred if possible.
  • the costs of one Map Matching API request costs certain credits calculated by the formula input_locations / 50 but at least 1 credit.
  • the costs of one Matrix API request are calculated as follows: If either the number of origins or the number of destinations is less than 20, it costs origins * destinations / 2 credits. For bigger matrices we use a more favourable formula: MAX_OF(origins, destinations) * 10. In both cases at least 1 credit is charged. For example, if you have 2 origins and 10 destinations, 2 * 10 / 2 = 10 credits will be charged. If you have 30 origins and 40 destinations, the required credits amount to 40 * 10 = 400. If you have one-to-N matrices like 1-to-100, then always the origins*destinations/2 formula applies.
  • the costs for one Isochrone API request is 2 credits for every minute it explores and at least 10 credits. E.g. if you set time_limit=1200 (20 minutes) then this request will cost 2*20=40 credits.